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Andrew Stewart

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help guide the application of the rights to the world heritage places of the flemish community in belgium. the world heritage programme has set itself clear goals and guidelines, and the regional green roads programme of the flemish community should use these in its planning to ensure that the green roads are well-connected to other green routes and to the existing road network. this work is now starting to be put into practice in the area of the oostmalle-leopoldsburg world heritage site. the application of the own green routes plan comes under the responsibility of the management of the world heritage properties in flanders. the development of a local road network will have a direct impact on the environment, on the countryside and on the recreational value of the world heritage site.

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the aim of the project is to clarify the role of the municipality and the walloon region in financing and coordinating the maintenance of the 30 km of green and ecological roads that make up the walloon green road programme. various stakeholders and interested parties have been actively engaged during the project, which is characterised by a strong political dimension. therefore it is clearly an opportunity to demonstrate the contribution of local and regional actors for the creation and implementation of economic activities based on the conservation of the environment. this project demonstrates the implementation of an integrated communication strategy that goes beyond mere point to point reporting. the final published report acts as a reference document as well as a basis for statistics reporting in the local press.


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