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Who is
Day Mac

Life is full of assumptions.. get it from The Source

Hello, my name is Sharday Mac better known as DayDay .. I am the trailblazing owner and creator of MacNIFIED Visions. I was born and raised in the projects in Chicago IL a.k.a the low end(Stateway Gardens). I’ve been a single mother since the age of 15. Statistics shows that I'm suppose to be failingHowever Im beating the odds remaining humbled. Focused on giving my daughter the life I never had. I started photography around 14 years of age. While in school I specialized in graphic communications and I also studied social documentary. I consider myself more of a freelance photographer and am most comfortable enhancing moments in time through my photos. I remember once at a birthday party in 2015 taking pictures of my nephew and a total stranger name Prince came to me and said “you have an EYE for photography, have you ever thought about it as a profession”. Being a stranger, he didn’t even know it was already my passion but he gave me confirmation that this is what I was born to do. Being a landlord and working full-time jobs as a security, truck driver, mail carrier, & bus driver has kept me from my dreams. All that unnecessary training and hard work has lead me to now being a full-time entrepreneur. Funny how life works. I am FULLY ready to pursue my dreams and passion for photography and I hope that you can give me a chance to make my dreams come true. I’ll make your visions come true.

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