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Kotor Kashyyyk Star Map Test

Kotor Kashyyyk Star Map Test

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Kotor) is a role-playing game set in the Star Wars universe. One of the main quests in the game is to find the Star Forge, an ancient space station that can create a massive army of droids. To locate the Star Forge, the player needs to find five Star Maps hidden on different planets. One of these planets is Kashyyyk, the homeworld of the Wookiees.

Kashyyyk is a forested world with a complex ecosystem. The Wookiees live in the treetops, while the lower levels are inhabited by dangerous creatures and plants. The player can explore both the upper and lower Shadowlands, where they will encounter various enemies, allies, and mysteries. One of these mysteries is the Star Map, which is guarded by a strange computer that requires the player to pass a test before revealing its location.


How to Find the Star Map on Kashyyyk

To find the Star Map on Kashyyyk, the player needs to do the following steps:

  • Travel to Kashyyyk and land on the docking bay. Talk to the Czerka officer and pay the landing fee or persuade him to waive it.

  • Enter the Wookiee village and talk to Chuundar, the chieftain. He will ask you to kill his father Freyyr, who has gone mad in the lower Shadowlands. Agree to do so or refuse.

  • Find a way to access the lower Shadowlands. You can either get a permit from Chuundar, persuade or bribe one of his guards, or sneak past them using stealth.

  • Once in the lower Shadowlands, follow the path until you meet Jolee Bindo, an old hermit who uses the Force. He will join your party and offer to help you find the Star Map.

  • Continue along the path until you reach a clearing with a hologram of an ancient alien. This is where the Star Map is located, and finding this hologram is the first step to uncovering its secrets here on Kashyyyk.

How to Pass the Star Map Test

The hologram will greet you and ask you three questions to test your identity and knowledge. The questions are randomly chosen from a pool of six possible questions. The correct answers are as follows:


What are you?A human.

What is your purpose here?I seek knowledge.

What technology do you command?Droids and blasters.

What are your intentions for this world?I wish only to learn from it.

What are your origins?I come from another world.

What are your beliefs?I believe in balance.

If you answer all three questions correctly, the hologram will congratulate you and reveal the location of the Star Map in a nearby cave. You can then enter the cave and claim your prize.

If you answer one or two questions incorrectly, the hologram will warn you that you are not who it expected and ask you to leave. You can then try again until you get all three questions right.

If you answer all three questions incorrectly, the hologram will accuse you of being an intruder and activate a security system that will spawn several droids to attack you. You will have to fight your way through them and then try again until you get all three questions right.

Tips and Tricks

  • You can save your game before talking to the hologram and reload if you get a question wrong or don't like the questions you get.

  • You can use your Force powers or skills to persuade or trick the hologram into giving you hints or revealing its answers.

  • You can use Jolee's help to answer some of the questions, as he has some knowledge of the ancient aliens and their history.

  • If Kashyyyk is the last and fifth Star Map you have found, then the hologram will positively identify you immediately and will give up the Star Map without any further process. However, if it is the fourth Star Map or prior, it will attempt to identify you with three questions.

I hope this article was helpful and informative. Good luck with your quest for the Star Forge!


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