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Crackle also has a relatively robust library of shows and movies that Netflix happens to be missing. And Crackle's lack of exclusives doesn't necessarily put it in a bad light when you consider that the service's library overlaps with high-profile services that charge subscribers: There are movies on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video that you can watch for free (with ads, of course) on Crackle. Full Movies

Again, you don't need an account to watch Crackle, but making the account is free. With an account, Crackle can keep track of what you were watching and what you want to watch. That means that, for instance, you can switch from using Crackle on your iPhone to using it on your Roku and will find that Crackle remembers important things like where you left off in the show that you were watching, which shows and movies are on your watch list, and more. Perks like this are why you should consider a free account.

Crackle (opens in new tab) is the rare exception to that rule: Sony's service is 100% free, and it's been that way for a decade now. No, Crackle doesn't have the vast selection of Netflix or the speedy TV episode turnarounds of Hulu, but it's fully ad-supported and it won't cost you a thing.

In case you missed the multiple mentions above, let's make it abundantly clear: Crackle won't cost you a thing. It's an entirely free streaming video service that is fully supported by video ads that run before and in the middle of content.

Crackle seems to puts its biggest focus on comedy and action content, with an array of shows and movies that fall into either category, and only bits and pieces of other genres alongside. If you're looking for something that'll make you laugh or get your blood pumping a bit, then you might find it here. It certainly won't cost you anything to have a look.

For example, Crackle has hosted movies like Shaun of the Dead and Drive, but it also has Blankman, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, and straight-to-video sequels to Stomp the Yard and Urban Legends. Also, a surprising number of Pauly Shore comedy specials (i.e. more than zero).

Crackle appears to make updates monthly, pulling out some TV shows and movies while lightly refreshing the lineup, although the service's original series always stick around. And if something is about to be removed, you'll see a countdown note on its listing page.

Happy Endings: Never fully appreciated when it aired on ABC some years back, Happy Endings has since become a cult favorite. It has a very Friends-esque plot, with six pals living in a big city, but it's a lot zanier and consistently, fantastically hilarious. Crackle has the full first season, but you'll have to hunt down the others elsewhere.

Stranger Than Fiction: Will Farrell is mostly known for his over-the-top performances, but Stranger Than Fiction shows another side of him: restrained, yet still delightfully charming. This inventive flick finds him suddenly hearing a narrator describing his life and portending his demise, as he finds love while trying to avoid a seemingly grim fate.

However, there are also lots of illegitimate streaming sites that host copyrighted material without legal permission. You can watch movies for free using these websites, but you may be breaking the law as it is considered piracy in many countries.

Most new movies and Peacock Originals are paywalled, but there are also lots of great movies you can stream without paying, from cult classics to contemporary comedies. Free movies are marked by the absence of a purple feather.

You can download the Peacock app or stream on its website, both of which are a pleasure to use. We do wish there was a way to find all the free movies under one category. Currently you have to scan and scroll the website.

Alongside a premium subscription option, there is a large library of free and popular movies. The website and app is simple and polished and there are fewer intrusive ads compared to other free movie sites.

Unlike with Crackle and Pluto TV, Popcornflix shows foreign-language movies in their original audio. As Crackle and Popcornflix share movies, you can find subtitles for the same movie on Popcornflix.

If you live outside of Canada, you need a VPN with Canadian servers to stream movies, but this is easily done. With 244 servers in three Canadian cities, we recommend the best VPN for Canada, NordVPN.

Viki is an American streaming service that specializes in Asian entertainment. It has over 30 million visitors per month. There is a premium subscription available alongside free movies from Korea, Japan, China, and Taiwan.

These free movies are available to stream in many regions. We connected to a selection of VPN servers and could stream them from different IP addresses. The paid content disappears, though, and is only available in the US.

The free movie streaming sites listed below do not meet our strict testing criteria. The websites are poorly designed, ads are invasive, and they often host illegal movies that they do not have the distribution rights for.

Vumoo looks more professional than most other free streaming sites and its library is regularly updated with the latest movies. No account is needed and there are less pop-ups compared to other free streaming sites.

You can see our full research data on which popular VPNs work with each free streaming site in the table below. If you want to unblock free content on any of these platforms, simply scroll through the table to find a VPN service that works to access it.

When her mission in Australia is over and she has successfully stopped V.I.L.E. again, she decides to visit the coffee shop. She watches Graham from across the street while talking with Player, again mentioning that he is like a big brother to her, even if he does not remember her. Duane Capizzi confirmed that "she never says she cares about him in that way, romantically." Player brings up how he tried to capture and hurt her before, but Carmen feels this could be a second chance for them to become close again. Graham sees her against a bus stop across the street and the two smile at each other, before Carmen disappears a moment later. Player asks why, and Carmen says whatever V.I.L.E. did to him, he has a fresh start and she feels she may get in the way of that. She still cares for him like family, and does not want him to be put in harms way because of her.

Gray's memories return and he chooses to go back to V.I.L.E., rather than living as an innocent citizen. The Villain's International League of Evil manages to finally capture Carmen Sandiego, brainwashing her to work with and steal for the agency once again. After awhile, Gray has a change of heart, and realizes that even though he chose the path of evil, Carmen did not, and that she did not deserve to have her free will taken away. He works with A.C.M.E. to corner Carmen, using the same memory device that V.I.L.E. had previously used on him. Carmen breaks the device before her memory can be fully restored. She manages to get the Crackle Rod away from Gray, dealing a full power and fatal blow.

Sandy is with her scout troop as they do one final check before they head off to the moon. SpongeBob says he has brought a pack of Fizz Bomb Cola with him and is waiting for a Krabby Patty. Pearl says she bought her pom-poms with her and Squidina says she bought action figures. The group then starts to head to the moon but SpongeBob is still waiting for his Krabby Patty order so Sandy has to drag him inside her tree. At that time, Squidward comes with SpongeBob's Krabby Patty but sees that SpongeBob is not here, so he drops it off. Suddenly, the rocket takes off with Squidward inside. In space, the gang goes up against an asteroid belt, a cold belt, hot belt and a radiation belt, and the radiation belt mutates SpongeBob's arm. Then they make it to the moon, and Sandy assigns jobs to SpongeBob, Pearl, and Squidina. While the gang is doing these tasks, Squidward is looking through craters and seeing live action things. Then he finds the dark side of the moon and passes through. But Squidina and Pearl get in a fight and Squidina throws a rock at Pearl but misses, only to have the rock orbit the moon and hit Pearl in the helmet. SpongeBob is looking for intelligent life and finds the Krabby Patty Delivery bag, and toots a horn, and Sandy comes immediately to tell SpongeBob that "if they were really intelligent, they would've eaten it. Speaking of eating, can you go get the lunch I packed in the rocket?" So SpongeBob goes and tries to get the lunch button, moving the moon out of orbit. Sandy says that that would have a disastrous effect on the Earth's tide. The Bikini Bottomites are forced to crawl on the ground to avoid suffocation. Then, strange laughing is happening outside, so the guys go to check it out. It turns out that Santa is sleeping on the dark side of the moon. Santa then notices that the Earth is further away from the moon. Then the gang tries to move the moon back into orbit by burping it back with Fizz Bomb Cola, but when that doesn't work they try to sail it back into orbit, but then that won't work because there is no wind on the moon. So they try to push it back. Soon after, Squidward, Sandy, Squidina, and Pearl get in the rocket and Santa and SpongeBob are using a jack-in-the-box to move the anchor off the moon (because there was an anchor attaching the rocket to the moon), but SpongeBob accidentally destroys the moon, with jack. The tide on Earth is now even lower. Then Santa uses a squirt gun and pumps SpongeBob full of water. After that Sandy and the guys get back to Earth, the tide back to normal in the Bikini Bottom, but in the town of Mitchell, things got worst, thanks to Satan.

Crackle is the streaming service that always feels as if it's three months away from figuring out its place in the streaming entertainment universe. Originally owned by Sony, it began life as a home for random Sony-owned movies and television shows that didn't have enough value to make them worth licensing to another streaming service. "The Best Of What We Have Leftover" is not a great motto for a streaming service and despite a few attempts at original programming, Sony never quite figured out a content mix that made sense. Even though Crackle 1.0 was ad-supported and free, a random mix of titles combined with a truly awkward UX made the service almost invisible to most TV viewers.But one thing Crackle always had was a small collection of Sony-owned TV shows that you couldn't find anywhere else. Sometimes they were shows that had only lasted a season. Sometimes they were shows that just didn't have any name recognition in the marketplace. Granted, there were problems that annoyed TV fans. Seasons were incomplete or in some random order. A show would only have five episodes available on Crackle for a month. It would then disappear for a couple of months and five other episodes would randomly appear. It wasn't ideal, but in a streaming world where obscure television is generally ignored by all of the major streamers, it was something.In 2019, Sony Pictures Television sold off a majority stake in Crackle to Chicken Soup For The Soul Entertainment (CSFTSE) and Crackle was eventually rolled into Crackle Plus, which controlled Crackle as well as a portfolio of other streamers. As part of the deal, CSFTSE retained access to select Sony-owned movies and television shows. So Crackle continued its love of strange and little-known TV.If you are a fan of obscure television, Crackle has a mini-treasure trove of dramas available this month. The entire 11-episode run of the 1984 series Blue Thunder (based on the motion picture and weirdly co-starring Dana Carvey); season one of the 1994 syndicated action series High Tide (starring Rick Springfield and Yannick Bisson); the 1966 Burt Reynolds/Gene Hackman series Hawk; the 2009 Adam Goldberg/Amber Tamblyn/Jeremy Renner police detective series The Unusuals; the 2002 Peter Weller series Odyssey 5; the 2008 Lucy Liu series Cashmere Mafia; the 1998 drama The Net (based on the Sandra Bullock movie), the 2008 Julianna Margulies law drama Canterbury's Law; seasons two and three of the mid-1970s acclaimed cop series Police Story, the 1977 sci-fi series Fantastic Journey; seasons one and two of the Aaron Spelling series S.W.A.T and season three of the cheesy syndicated Pamela Anderson series V.I.P.Looking for rarely-seen comedies? How about the 1972 David Birney/Meredith Baxter comedy Bridget Loves Bernie? Plus both seasons of the 1994 Jon Lovitz animated series The Critic; 2014's Bad Teacher; both seasons of the 1974 Clifton Davis/Susan Dey/Ted Lange comedy That's My Mama; 2003's Nia Vardalos/Andrea Martin series My Big Fat Greek Life; the 1973 comedy The Girl With Something Extra; both seasons of the 1999 Matt Frewer series Doctor, Doctor; 2011's Matthew Perry/Jorge Garcia/Andrea Anders sports comedy Mr. Sunshine; 1986's Melbas Moore sitcom Melba; the 1977 Bewitched spin-off Tabitha; 1999's Jaleel White/Soleil Moon Frye comedy The Grown Ups; 1983's All In The Family spin-off Gloria; all three seasons of the Eddie Murphy stop-action comedy The PJ's; the 1966 business comedy Occasional Wife; season one of the 1995 Tea Leoni/Taylor Holland series The Naked Truth; 1976's Sanford & Son spin-off Grady; and season one of the Thomas Haden Church/Debra Messing/Greg Germann sitcom Ned & Stacey.There are also obscure animated kids shows, such as seasons three and four of The Jackie Chan Adventures, 1990's The Karate Kid, 1986's The Real Ghostbusters; 1973's Jeannie and 1974's Partridge Family 2200 A.D.This is a lineup that probably includes as many obscure TV shows as you'll find scattered across all of the other major streaming services combined. Still, there are some weird issues with missing episodes. There are only four random episodes of the 1984 Jason Bateman/Garrett Morris comedy It's Your Move (out of the 18 episode season).But this is an amazing lineup, even if it's wrapped inside the generally clunky Crackle interface. It's also frustrating, because it makes me wonder why HBO Max or Peacock or Paramount+ have not taken advantage of their large catalogs of content and made an effort to launch a classic/obscure TV vertical. I understand that a lot of shows have music rights issues or other problems that make some shows difficult to stream But the Crackle library - imperfect as it might be - shows there are plenty of shows that can be streamed. And for whatever reason, no one has stepped up to make it happen.Crackle isn't the ideal home for hard-core obscure TV fans. It's not even a decent experience some of the time. But it does show that there are plenty of TV shows that COULD be available for streaming. If only someone would just step up and take the risk.If I were consulting with Crackle, I would encourage them to lean into the rare TV genre of streaming. Improve the user experience and become the go-to destination for viewers looking for the TV equivalent of Turner Classic Movies. 041b061a72


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