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[S8E1] Love In The Time Of Corona

Laurence Bradford 2:51We have the daylight savings time and oh, man, you're still I would love to get into your journey and your career and all that. And as we know, you taught yourself how to code and you currently work in front end development. But I'm wondering what motivated you to start teaching yourself how to code early on.

[S8E1] Love in the Time of Corona

Phoebe Voong-Fadel 9:22At the time that I was using it, there were six certificates. And if you complete the more, you have the full stack kind of development certifications under your belt. But if you do the first three wishes, HTML site, kind of responsive web development, and JavaScript, so add CSS that covers those kind of three subjects in and front end libraries and the first three certificates, you could pretty much go into front end development from that point. The rest were about back end languages and you know, kind of no j s, but it's just kind of like a self paced platform where you go in the code says with Then the webpage. So you don't have to set up your own environment, your own ID. And you just kind of complete a series of exercises. But then at the end of each section, you have to complete projects. And they're quite challenging. And you're pretty much kind of left to yourself to try and solve this. There's a great support within free coke out they have a lots of forums, where you can go in and ask questions, and it's really safe. And the people are lovely. So if you do get stuck there is that the support but your is pretty much just online learning at going at your own pace.

Laurence Bradford 14:09Yeah, of course. So. So you were doing this for two years. And after two years was that when you started to apply to new jobs that were in web development for the first time? or? Yeah, I guess I just want to get a sense of like what the timeline was, because that's probably one the most common questions I get asked is how long will it take me to get a full time job in tech? And my answer is always well, it kind of depends, right? Depends on what you want to do depends on how much time you have a day to learn depends on your starting point, as you just talked about knowledge gaps. So yeah, I would just I would love to learn more about how long this took and when you start to apply for jobs for the first time.

Phoebe Voong-Fadel 42:58I would say, one big advice is don't compare yourself to others, you're going to see once you join the world of Twitter, and you start researching into people who transition to the tech industry, is that, oh, I did it in six months, within three months, you know, I got this wonderful job at Google. Don't compare yourself, you know, take your time. If it's something that you do want to pursue, it will happen, you have to maintain the pace which is most suitable to your own circumstances. So for me, you know, I, some days, I would only learn for 15 minutes. And that was great. I learned as long as you know, more than you did yesterday. And you have that kind of consistency. And that in mind, then that's all that matters. So go at your own pace, find something that suits you. So for me, I use Free Code Camp, I didn't go to a boot camp or anything like that. But maybe a boot camp would be better structure for you. So you have to find whatever suits your learning style. And don't compare yourself to others. So I think that's probably the biggest tips I've got if you're starting out and make sure it fits around your children and your life circumstances. I love that. I

I have been working on the influenza spike protein for quite some time. The microscopes we have were helpful for that. Again, when the pandemic started, it seemed like maybe we could use this technology that was working against flu to also fight the coronavirus.

While they were partnered only together for a short time, Francis grew worse and threatened to kill Tiffany Williams, a prostitute informant of Deeks. In order to protect Tiffany, Deeks killed Francis and covered up the murder while giving Tiffany a new identity and life for herself. Later, Deeks became partners with Roger Bates who later went on to become a Lieutenant and they developed a hate-love partnership. However, due to his past with Francis Boyle and overall his personality and differences, Deeks was viewed as an outsider by the police department. Deeks never truly fit in with the rest of the detectives as no one wanted to work with him, resulting in Deeks transferring to work undercover division.

However, Nate assures Deeks he is starting to work through his trauma, but needs to sleep in order to help fully recover. Nate soon begins to question Deeks about his relationship with Kensi, pointing out the close partnership/relationship they share and wonders what makes it different compared to Sam and Callen. Deeks' response to his question is not revealed, although most likely it helps Deeks to realize he will have to once again confront his true feelings for Kensi again someday in the future. Nate reports back to Hetty, informing her Deeks can return to work, but needs some more time to rest and ultimately the decision is up to Deeks to decide if he is ready to return to NCIS. Nate also reveals that Deeks and Kensi have a somewhat complicated, but close relationship and wonder if their closeness is one of the reasons why Deeks hasn't returned. Later that night, Kensi stops by Deeks' apartment and after his talk with Nate, Deeks finally sees Kensi again for the first time and allows her into his apartment. Kensi and Deeks enjoy their time together and Deeks finally finds himself getting a goods night's rest thanks to his reunion with Kensi when she begin describing a movie as he falls asleep. Kensi snuggles next to him and as he falling asleep he whispers It's a love story, but actually describing his parternship with Kensi.

Eventually, Deeks finally begins to truly recover from his trauma and gathers the courage to finally return to work at NCIS and resumes his place on the team and partnership with Kensi, but is not yet ready to once again confront their romantic feelings for each other. Naturally, Deeks takes it one day at a time and slowly yet surely returns to his fun-loving joking self. Everyone on the team are supportive of Deeks returning to work, but Callen does tough love wanting Deeks to return if he is truly ready. Gradually as the season progresses, Deeks manages to move on from his traumatic experience and accept what happened.

I haven't checked the time, I have to imagine this is going to be the longest Acquired episode in history. Listeners, thank you for going on this journey with us. David, I didn't expect frankly us to do as much as we did looking at both the history, this strategy pull apart, and some of the technical aspects. I hope listeners, you enjoyed all three. We'd love feedback. Particularly if you are an economist in this ecosystem, or if you know about moves that have been made in this ecosystem that we don't know about yet. We like to continue learning in public. Please reach out.

If this is your first time listening to an episode and you're not subscribed, you can do that from your favorite podcast player. If you have a friend that you think would enjoy this episode, maybe someone who's a crypto bear, a crypto bull, or someone you like to talk about this with, you should definitely share it with them. Feel free to share it on social media, but again, we love that one-to-one touch when you share it with someone that you think would really like it. With that listeners, thank you and we will see you next time.

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