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The New Cambridge Medieval History, Volume 2, C...

Since French historians tend to subordinate the medieval period to the longer ancien régime, French overviews tend to be sweeping. However, the tradition of soliciting major scholars to write them as a series assures quality of treatment and, often, incisive interpretations. One such series is the Nouvelle histoire de la France médiévale, of which the most relevant volumes are Theis 1990, Barthélemy 1990, and Bourin-Derruau 1990. The volumes of the New Cambridge Medieval History offer more concise narratives (see McKitterick 1995, Reuter 2000, Luscombe 2004, Abulafia 1999, and Jones 2000). For particular periods, or for greater detail, see the entries under Textbooks.

The New Cambridge Medieval History, Volume 2, c...



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