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Brew The Decoctions Of The Grasses Witcher 3

The Decoctions of the GrassesUsed to begin the process by which a normal human body is mutated into that of a witcher.InformationTierCommonTypePotionSourceCraftWeight0.01 Value Base 100 AttributesCharge(s)n/aToxicityn/aDurationn/aAlchemyFormulaThe Decoctions of the GrassesIngredients1 Forktail spinal fluid1 Manticore poison gland1 Albino bruxa tongue1 Bryonia1 Ribleaf1 MandrakeItem ID Trial Potion Kit The Decoctions of the Grasses is a quest item in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and is used on Uma to break the curse that binds him. Yennefer provides the formulae for it so Geralt can brew them for her. The three decoctions are called Mother's Tears, Wildrye Juice, and Speargrass Sap.

brew the decoctions of the grasses witcher 3

Decoctions are special and potent potions made from Alchemy that use a monster's inherit mutagens to give Geralt some of their powers, if only for a time. These decoctions are often hard to brew, and require you to kill the monster you wish to borrow powers from. Their effects vary wildly, and are usually incredibly toxic.

Using alchemy Mozeh is a able to brew decoctions which are a stronger type of Witcher potion often using monster parts as ingredients, and have stronger effects. Only a few decoctions at a time can be used at once as they are much stronger than conventional Witcher potions.

Witchers are a different breed of warrior, their bodies morphed through constant use of potions and decoctions, honed through intense physical training and conditioning. The tools of their trade are secrets passed from one generation of witcher to the next. They are trained from youth for one purpose alone: to hunt the strange, wicked creatures that live outside of civilization.

Beginning at 10th level, you can craft decoctions, powerful potions containing the essence of monsters you have hunted. Your alchemist's supplies kit contains a store of decoctions, and the necessary materials to continuously brew more. Decoctions count as potions for all witcher features and abilities.

By 11th level, your interactions with potions and decoctions has caused your body to react with these elixers in strange and unexpected ways. When you use an action to ingest a witcher potion, roll on the Side Effects table and gain the effect of that witcher potion in addition to the one you ingested.


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