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The Complete Tangopedia of Gaffed Coins by Mr. Tango

If you are interested in learning how to perform amazing magic tricks with gaffed coins, you may want to check out the DVD set called The Complete Tangopedia of Gaffed Coins by Mr. Tango. This is a comprehensive encyclopedia of 54 routines using various types of gimmicked coins produced by Tango Magic, a company founded by Marcelo Insua, also known as Mr. Tango. In this article, we will give you an overview of what you can expect from this DVD set and why it is a valuable resource for any coin magician.

What are gaffed coins?

Gaffed coins are coins that have been altered or modified in some way to create a magical effect. For example, some gaffed coins have a shell that covers another coin, allowing you to switch or vanish coins easily. Some gaffed coins have a magnet inside, enabling you to manipulate them with a magnetic device. Some gaffed coins have a hole or a slit that can be opened or closed, creating the illusion of penetrating objects through them. Some gaffed coins have two different faces or two different metals, allowing you to change their appearance or value. There are many types of gaffed coins, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.


What is The Complete Tangopedia of Gaffed Coins by Mr. Tango?

The Complete Tangopedia of Gaffed Coins by Mr. Tango is a four-hour DVD set that teaches you how to use 33 different gaffed coins in 54 routines. Mr. Tango explains each routine in detail, showing you the handling, the timing, the misdirection, and the presentation. He also gives you tips and advice on how to improve your coin magic skills and how to take care of your gaffed coins. The DVD set covers a wide range of effects, from simple vanishes and transpositions to complex matrixes and productions. You will learn how to use gaffed coins such as:

  • Expanded shell

  • Bended coin

  • Stretched coin

  • Karate coin

  • Balancing coin

  • Cigarette through coin

  • Pen through coin

  • Wand through quarter

  • Stack of coins

  • Flipper coin

  • Bite coin

  • Double sided coin

  • Quarter squeeze

  • Coin nest of boxes

  • Shim shell

  • Coin through hand

  • Coin bag

  • Rattle coin device

  • Bill tube

  • Ultimate Chinese coin routine

  • Chinese color change

  • China town half

  • Lethal tender

  • Hopping half

  • Folding coin

  • Copper and silver

  • Slippery expanded shell

  • Magnetic coin

  • Nickel to half dollar

  • Scotch and soda

  • Magnetic scotch and soda

  • Pull coin

  • Coins through deck

Why should you get The Complete Tangopedia of Gaffed Coins by Mr. Tango?

The Complete Tangopedia of Gaffed Coins by Mr. Tango is a great DVD set for anyone who wants to learn how to use gaffed coins effectively and creatively. You will get:

  • A lot of value for your money. You will get four hours of instruction on 54 routines using 33 different gaffed coins. That's less than $1 per routine!

  • A lot of variety for your repertoire. You will learn how to perform effects for different audiences, situations, and skill levels. You will be able to amaze people with visual, surprising, and impossible feats using ordinary-looking coins.

  • A lot of quality for your performance. You will learn from Mr. Tango, a world-renowned coin magician and gaffed coin maker. He will teach you the secrets, the subtleties, and the nuances of coin magic. He will also show you how to handle, store, and maintain your gaffed coins properly.

The Complete Tangopedia of Gaffed Coins by Mr. Tango is a must-have DVD set for any coin magician who wants to take their coin magic to the next level. You can order it online from [Tango Magic] or from your favorite magic dealer.


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