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Fiix Raises $12M To Smooth Out The Asset Maintenance Process

- Accurately performed quality control inspections, processed 521 work orders error free, quality products- Active flt PTL; motivated/encouraged 38 mbrs through 3 rigorous PT sessions weekly--fielded 100% pass rate - Analyzed sweeper engine stall fault; bled/primed fuel sys--fltline essential rubber removal continued w/in 1 hr - Answered CE roller mx rqst; quickly diagnosed/repaired vapor locked fuel sys--$30K sidewalk project upheld - Appoint'd as sect chief/Mng'd FMA/MC workflow f/10 prsnl/2AFSC's--sptd 4 MAJCOMs/2.2K users/30 orgs - Assisted in summer rebuild prgm; replaced two RO-10 wheel assy--asset prepped for 2012 snow removal ops - Assisted Lavatory Service truck overhaul; guid'd replacement of hydraulic system--restored MEL/spt'd 2.7K missions- Assisted on over 55 brake system overhauls;enhanced HMMWV reliabilty 46%--safeguarded over 16,000 JF war fighters- Assisted summer rebuild tm; svc'd/repair/fabercated 22 global deicers--4 mo proj shedule to exceed deadline - Assisted w/2 91st SFG HMMWV drivetrain repairs; replaced trans assy/flywheels--spt'd MAF security fire tm - Attended advanced analysis class; studied/learned fault codes/electric schematics--postured for fleet upgrades - Attended CPR class; completed defibrillator trng/gained vital lifesaving skills--optimized emergency readiness - Attended RTA seminar; accomplished 16 hrs of instructions--cert'd sq trng asst/primed for upcoming wg events - Attended SSgt Immersion Course; furthered supervisor knowledge--scheduled course for 5 members in DTS training- Audited Flt's ICOPARS procedures; revised local part/tool procurement policies--fully compliant w/DFARS - Authored AEW supp to AFI 23-302; ensured wg compliance--critical wing expeditionary-to-enduring concept

Fiix raises $12M to smooth out the asset maintenance process

- Calibrated 11 refueling meters; recertified R-11/C-300 assets--ensured precise delivery of 8M gallons jet fuel - Cemented SecAF policy directives; devised/developed/finalized 39 ABW DTD memorandum--allocated to 52 prsnls - Cert'd CPR instructor; educated nine prsnl on basic life-saving techniques--optimized sq emergency readiness - Championed 14 veh shipments to FOBs/19 rotations; eliminated 11 leased veh's--saved OEF $142K per year- Chased edu; aced CDCs 5 mos early/91% EOC--earned CCAF/Computer Engineering BS degree/lauded by 5 BW CC - Cmplt'd 24 safety QC's on 8 acft tugs/3 runway sweepers; rectified 29 write-ups--spt'd USFK's busiest afld/$98M FHP - Collaborated with Material Control: procured and turned in 850 critical parts; supported 5,000 combat sorties- Completed 2-hr CPR crse; mastered basic life-saving techniques--optimized emer preparedness/PTL qualified - Completed 2.5-hr CSL trng; resolved 258 IT tickets/81 network requests/63 prsnl accounts--unit CS shortfall averted - Completed 6 of 7 CDC volumes; mastered 94 of 118 core tasks--avg 86% score on 2 EOC test/met UGT rqmt's- Completed on-vehicle brake lathe training crse; implemented skills/turned two veh rotors--saved $230 in parts - Conducted 5/7 level job proficiency training; 30 core tasks/5 techs upgraded--increased shop productivity 20% - Conducted FY16 GPC surveillance prep; reconciled 1.5K transactions--achieved zero administrative findings - Conducted inspection on newly received R-12; ID'd $4.5K repairs/hose replacement--boosted fleet capes 16% - Conducted refresher class; demonstrated proper parts washer weekly mx--equip knowledge increased by 100% - Conducted Veh Mgt self-insp; scrutinized 105 items/27 non-compliant--all fixed/zero 2010 MMSAV findings - Conquered Wg Virtual Veh Validation; 600 authorizations audited--deleted 27/right-sized six--$1.3M savings - Consolidated warehouse;inventoried/accounted for 1,000 parts worth over $1.1M--elevated tactical vehicles MCR 15%- Constituent member; contributor to sq garnering the '07 AETC Daedalian Award; third straight yr--best in cmd- Coord w/ Army; maintained five high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles--svd $5K in annual mx expenses- Coord'd PMEL sch; expedit'd 22 calibrations/20 NCE assets/$1.1M--spt'd AF's only operational ICBM test sq - Coord'd shipment of 7 vehicles to other AF units--reutilization efforts saved AF $350K in new truck expenses - Coordinated ktr mnx; prepped 66 contracts/7 warranties/$158K repairs--spt'd $1.1B MM III/Atlas V launches - Coordinated wheel alignment trng; taught six technicians procedures--eliminated $150 contract repairs per veh - Cracked MPA tour process; provided 5 LRS 537 man-days of 2T3 support--mitigated nuclear msn degradation - Crafted QAP prgm self-inspection checklist; compliant in 37 areas--zero delays in supporting 379 AEW msn - Created MC supply storage area; 2.2K residual parts cut/redistributed in-theatre--NMCS/VDP time down 25%- Creative NCO! Re-utilized high cost components from salvaged vehicle--saved gp $3.5K in replacement cost- Customized scheduled mx plan; employed sq VCOs, reduced excess periodic mx workload by 15% during Ex's

- Education minded; completed Math/maintained 3.6 GPA--earned three credit towards Vehicle Mgmt CCAF degree - Elected APAA secretary; organized five luncheons/fundraisers--reasserted teamwork/strengthened camaraderie - Eliminated sch mnx prgm backlog; id'd/remedied 251 preventative mnx insps--safeguarded $10.1M veh fleet - Employed new fuel sys cleaning process; serviced five 6.0L diesel engines--saved 3-day NMC & $2K per veh - EMST Vehicle Processing Lead; trained 23 tm mbrs/dev'd insps checklist--NSI excellent rating/lauded by EM mgmt - Enabled draw down plan for three ESFS units;supporrted turn-in of over $27M worth of assets & shipment to five bases- Enrolled in electrical course; interpreted circuitry/tested components--matched ever advancing technology pace - Essential to firefighting fleet spt; aquired $50K in parts f/15 vehs/$2.6M--awd'd SQ "NCO of the 2nd Qtr" '16 - Evaluated contractor's tire inventory prgm; uncovered numerous issues--all resolved/program fully compliant - Evaluated/revis'd MC MICT checklist; insp'd on 12 items/zero QA findings--won LRS "Tm of the 1st Qtr" '16 - Excelled as Trans NCOIC for 1 mos during MSgt's leave; enhanced overall shop efficiency--lauded by Sq/CC - Executed GPP actions; verified/logged 187 items/$41.2K--ensured 100% compliance w/strict EPA guidelines - Executed HMMWV svc bulletins; led 3 prsnl/id'd 107 defective items--prevented 21 Class I mishaps/zero msn delays - Executed six interim BPA; allocated 55 lease assets $95.8K value--guarded OIR veh posture w/ no msn impact - Exemplified professionalism; leader amongst peers; Vehicle Mgt Professional 1st Qtr, 2014--promote to SSgt! - Expedited Aerial Port ops; supervis'd repairs 2 pallet loaders/cut C-17 load time 45 min--secur'd delivery 17.5K muns- Expert mobile mx support; promptly troubleshot/jumpstarted four deicers in two hrs--enabled non-stop a/c ops- Expert mobile mx tech; repaired alternator wiring connector/returned to user w/in two hrs--coined by ECS/CC - Expert technician; ID'd veh steering isu/repaired/refurbished hydro sys--saved $2K new costs/averted grnd MISHAP - Expertly trained/led 4 augmentees w/different AFSCs to assist undermanned vehicle mx w/ massive workload

- Hand-picked as NCO "Maintainer of the Month" Dec '10; chosen over 40 NCOs--example for peers to emulate- Handled DRMS process; retired three Top Secret grade hard drives--conformed asset disposal w/AF standard - Hard charging Airmen! Eager to accept leadership challenges and increased responsibility--promote to SSgt!- Hard-Charger! ID'd shortfalls during 5 LRS Veh Mgt Flt self-insp--secured "pass" rating for 2010 NSI/NORI - Head flt PTL; revamped fitness prgm/motivate 65 prsnl through wkly rigorous training--fielded 100% pass rate - Headed 29 rprs f/8 MUNS forklifts; oversaw 4 cylinder rebuilds/fabrication of 10 hyd lines--awd'd Sq NCO of the Year- Helped AFGSC evaluation team; completed Bearcat sustainment data drill--verified vehicle life-cycle mx cost - Hosted two advanced Mobile Technical Training courses; enhanced skill set of 11 VM members, minimal cost

- Maintained $27M Tactical Vehicle Fleet; sustained four combat units/four ECP's/39 towers/550 OTW missions- Maintain'd 12 construction assets; expedit'd 57 heavy equip repair items; sustained 7 coalition projects valued at $9M - Maintained 763 veh fleet/$113M; completed 174 work orders/696 mx repairs--spt'd 1K tons cgo f/76 Denton/FMS msns - Managed all shop self-inspection prgms; surefire continuity--yielded perfect safety/environmental/mx records - Managed GPC pgm; processed 3.1K ($1M) in veh parts rqmts--sustained .9% not-mission-capable supply rate- Managed inventory of 600 tactical vehicle parts; elevated MCR 15%--facilitated safe airfield for 11K airlift msns- Managed LTI's on 4 R-11's; prep'd veh shipment for Ellisworth TDY--spt'd success of mass veh deployment - Managed mobile mx ops; leveraged 24 hr coverage/13.8K sq mi/60% in-field repair rt--safeguarded 36 CAT-1 mvmts - Managed refueling mx PMEL program; calibrated 24 backlogged items $455K--execut'd daily $1.8K spend cap ISO wg's #1 acct - Motivated NCO; actively trained Amn on preventative mx--key to skill level progression...promote with peers - My #1 of 94 NCOs! Engineered repair for timing cover on 5-ton truck vs. replacement; saves $600 per truck

- Section Chief FARM/ 6 mos; mng'd 32 refueling/FF veh/ $22M; closed 251 w/o/ 800 rprs--incr'd qual'd 5/7-lvls 31%- Selected to brief Wg CC on veh fleet progress/Fallen Warrior escort prgm; noted flt successes--lauded by CC - Serviced downed mission crit dumptrk; replaced 10 tires/SLOF 30 min--enabled zero delay OEF rotator msn- Spearheaded wkly flt roll calls; facilitated safety/AF Heritage briefings--synchronized 46 Amn w/flt leadership - Spearheaded working stock and residue parts values at $10K--ensure accountability and service for all parts- Spt'd AAMDC OAF drive; catered parking pln for 17 assets--jt NATO retrograde efforts secured/LOA awd'd - Spt'd AF's 3rd lrgst Fire Dept; 36 critical assets/$7M--contributed to 30 CES AFSPC Fire Dept OTY '15 Awd - Spt'd CES interim crew fleet; replaced/rebuilt three caster wheels--ensured working stock 100% mission ready - Spt'd dual-wg SF msn; 132 armor veh's/$23.5M/avg'd 90%+ MCR--fortified MAFB global nuclear enterprises - Spt'd Kandahar retrograde; executed 78 tech insps/secured redistribution of 174 vehs--saved $31M acquisition - Spt'd Minot contingency mvmt; prep'd assets for shipment/zero departure delays--secure NATO jt svc msn exer - Spt'd Minot vehicle retrieval/towing efforts; initiated/coordinated road traffic ops--safeguarded $131.8K asset - Spt'd msn partners; provided ERHG with commercial equip source--Thumrait 28-acre WRM complex on track - Sq readiness mgr; mobilized UCC/executed FP chklst/relayed BSD--accounted 200 prsnl/ - Standby tech/behind scenes enabler! Directed/worked 300 mobile mx rqsts; no fltline delays/wg msns upheld - Steered tire changer upgrades/$38K; organized two crs's/25 prsnl/50 TBA tasks completed--boost'd shop QoL - Streamlined armored mx; installed storage for $200K parts/tools/eqpmnt--cut turn time by 2 hrs--promote now!- Streamlined Flt's cust feedback process; crafted web-based survey prgm--provided instant contract oversight - Superb skill; pinpointed charging sys fault on msn critical ambulance; returned to user in 30 mins--no msn delay- Supervised preparation and shipment over XX pieces of special purpose equipment for the ongoing war OEF- Supported OEF fwd ops; coordinated 25K acft loader deck repairs--cut 2 mo transit time/$50K freight charge - Sustain'd 91st SFG fleet; 100 veh's/$18M/90%+ FMC/AFGSC best--vital to Armor Shop's 91st MW Spt Awd - Sustained 554 RHS msns; rpr'd 15 const assets/spt'd 13 projs/$8M--pivotal to FW's '18 Verne Orr & Daedalian Awds! - Sustained dual-wg SFS; insp'd/validated 10 HMMWVs/5 Bearcats--contributed to '14 NORI "Excellent" rating - Sustained Wing's $72M/694 vehicle fleet; contribut'd to flight 91% MC rate--ISO Operation INHERENT RESOLVE


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