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Andrew Stewart

[S2E3] Alternative Lifestyles [EXCLUSIVE]

Mrs. Hughes awaits the results of a biopsy that could indicate breast cancer at a time when excision of the lump and radiation were being studied as an alternative to the traditional treatment, a radical mastectomy.

[S2E3] Alternative Lifestyles

The third episode of the show did feature Rue (Zendaya) entering the dodgy business of dealing drugs, Lexi working on her alternative school play, Fez getting confronted by Cal (Eric Dane) and Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) driving herself crazy over her obsession with Nate (Jacob Elordi).

The film is a must watch for anyone interested in an alternative account of drug use to that of the mainstream media which is dominated by a narrative of crime, deviance and otherness. It is rare that the voices of people who use drugs feature in media discourse, and the film begins to address this gap, providing alternative narratives which highlight the role of pleasure and experiences of stigma. Dr Amanda Atkinson, Senior Researcher within the Public Health Institute at LJMU. 041b061a72


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